Rachael Moore (lierne) wrote,

Aviator drawing


I drew this in March and finally finished it just now. I had flatted the colors and painted the background a long time ago. But then I put off doing anything to it because the palm trees seemed backwards to me. I mean, for whatever reason it seemed like the wind should be blowing away from the sun instead of towards. There is no rational reason for me to have a hang up like this, except for that's *usually* the way it went growing up, but winds do come from other directions.

I briefly entertained some ideas of flipping the trees, but then decided I should just buck it up and finish it the way it is. I just have to tell myself that it's Santa Ana season in the drawing.

Anyways, the chick is either the dude's girlfriend or his insurance agent, I haven't decided which. If it's the latter, it's probably a scam because no one ever got rich selling life insurance to biplane pilots.
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